Why Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

If you have been involved in a serious car accident and have been injured, in all likelihood you want to get your case resolved and move on with your life. The insurance companies know this and will offer you a settlement that you might be reluctant, but willing to accept. This is rarely your best option. It is important to remember that an insurance company will not pay you more than what they have to because they are in business to make money. You may have to take legal action with the help of an attorney to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. 

*Settlements are 40% higher when you hire an attorney

*Insurance company payouts are, on average, 3.5 times higher for clients who have hired an attorney.

Want proof?  According to a 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), insurance payouts are on average 3.5 times higher for clients represented by an attorney than for those without an attorney. Another study conducted by a well-respected online legal website found that personal injury victims who hired a lawyer recovered an average of $77,600 in compensation compared to an average of $17,600 received by people who handled their own claim. 


The data shows that hiring a lawyer results in more money for personal injury claims. Jason Waddell, PLLC is dedicated to making sure that you receive 100% of the compensation you deserve. We will fight the insurance companies for you. We offer free consultation services and we never charge a fee unless we recover for you. If you have been injured in a car accident and would like to learn more about your legal options, please CONTACT our office today.