Car Wrecks

Personal Injury

Serious injuries change a life forever. An injury or death can prevent the victim from being able to care for themselves or provide for their family.  Injuries can require intense medical care, endless surgeries, and permanent chronic pain. Catastrophic injuries can prevent a person from enjoying the daily pleasures of life, and many will leave visible physical scars. Often depression and anxiety can occur from an accident and the resulting injuries.

If your loved one suffers a death through the negligence of another, you have the right to compensation to help compensate for your losses such as future income in addition to out of pocket damages. Money cannot bring back a loved one, but compensation from those responsible can help to ease the financial burden from the untimely loss.

We understand how devastating injuries can be resulting from motor vehicle crashes. A victim who has been injured through the fault of another needs tough representation. We counsel clients who have been victims of car wrecks, trucking accidents, motorcycle crashes, auto negligence, uninsured motorist, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, and hit and run accidents. When injuries happen, we will fight to make sure you receive 100% of the compensation you are entitled to for physical pain and suffering, lost income, scarring, and payment of all medical bills.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing. You purchase insurance to cover you in the event of losses like storm damage, theft, fire, or personal injuries - all outcomes of life. In too many cases, the insurer denies the claim, agrees to pay only a portion of the true value of the claim, or delays payment for months or even years. These actions can compound your problems and lead to additional financial problems.  If your insurance company unreasonably denies your claim, you can sue your own insurance company for damages over and above the amount of the denied claim.

We represent individuals and companies on a contingency basis (no fees upfront) whose insurance company has failed to provide the coverage or defense specified in their insurance policies.

If you believe your insurance company delayed, denied, or unreasonably handled your claim, call Jason today to talk about bad faith insurance litigation. We represent policyholders aggressively to protect their rights under the insurance policy. 405.232.LAW1 or CONTACT US HERE.